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Juggling is fun and if you don't have proper juggling balls it doesn't really matter.You can even make your own , it is very easy:

What you'll need for 1 ball:

3 party balloons, sand or rice or dry beans, a piece of tissue

balles1.jpg (44539 bytes)   -1-  Put the rice,sand or dry beans in the middle of the piece of tissue ,then make a knot.
balles2.jpg (27610 bytes)

  -2-  Cut the ends  of the party balloons and put the small bag of rice/sand/beans in one of them. Then put a second one on top of the first.

balles3.jpg (36170 bytes)   -3- In the last balloon, cut holes to make a kind of pattern and put it on top of the others. That's it!


jugg feu.thm (3125 bytes)                         jugg feu.thm (3125 bytes)jugg feu.thm (3125 bytes)                         jugg feu.thm (3125 bytes)   


It isn't very hard to juggle . All you need is a bit of practice. It's a bit hard to teach on internet but I'll give it a try.

Start with one ball:

* Throw the ball and  clap your hands ones before catching it. Then clap your hands twice  and then three times .Remember to keep your arms close to your body and always look at the ball not your hands .

* Throw the ball under your leg and catch it, then throw again under your leg and clap your hands .

* Throw the ball very high and turn 360 degrees .


jugg1.jpg (43499 bytes)

With two balls:


* Hold one ball in each hand .Throw the two balls straight upwards at the same time and catch them back .Remember that your arms must stay close to your body.



jugg2.jpg (56243 bytes)

* Throw the two balls straight upwards at the same time and cross your hands to catch them.


* Throw the right one up across (to catch it with your left hand) and as it comes down throw the left one up across to be caught with your right hand . Continue till you're perfect. jugg3.jpg (56587 bytes)jugg4.jpg (55465 bytes)

With three balls:

Take balls of different colors it'll be easier.

* Hold two balls in your right hand and the third in your left hand . Throw the first one (yellow)with your right hand


jugg5.jpg (54165 bytes)
   then the second (red)with the left hand jugg6.jpg (53536 bytes)
   only then you can throw the last one (blue). Continue till you can throw the 1rst one up again then the 2nd,3rd and on and on. jugg7.jpg (55415 bytes)


* The column: 

Hold two balls in one hand and the third in the other. Throw a ball from each hand straight upwards then, when they start to fall, throw the third one up the middle. Catch the two falling and throw again,then catch the third and throw  ...


* Lying on the floor: 

Try also to lay on the floor and juggle upwards. It's fun but a bit difficult and your nose is catching much more balls than your hands!!!.


With four balls:

* Hold two balls in each hand. Throw one from each hand up the centre so they follow a circle outwards. When they start to fall, throw the second pair of balls and catch the first ones. Throw them again and so on..

If you can juggle after how I  explained you then bravo!



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